Do we share the same mission?

We’re looking for local event spaces to organise our events.  And if there is any overlap in our missions, there might be a way to align our efforts.

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We believe that

Diversity and connectedness are key to a collective positive impact.

With this in mind, Beirem’s started hosting events in his living room, 5 years ago. We now have chapters in Amsterdam and Helsinki. Our north star is to build a global ecosystem that curates complex challenges, channels creativity to find innovative solutions and supports in their implementation.

We bring to the table

Individual growth and collaborative innovation by bringing together bright minds from wide-ranging disciplines. Understanding the art of facilitation, our participants always leave energized, inspired, and connected. 

What we are known for:

  • Organizing state of the art creative sessions, based on design thinking principles. 
  • Facilitators who know creativity inside out
  • Members with a unique story

Our win-win-win

  • Local event space: If you want to meet the TTU community by hosting one of our events, you provide many a person with a smile.

  • Impactful partner: If you have a grand ambition to make a positive change in the world and want to involve the TTU community, reach out to us.
    What we can offer

  • Sharing speakers: TTU can introduce you to fascinating speakers on a variety of topics

  • Brainstorming power: When you need new perspectives, one of our thinkers might enjoy thinking with you

  • Community connection: If you believe there is synergy among your community and TTU, let’s have a chat.

  • Meet unique minds: TTU events attract a variety of multi-disciplinary thinkers and hosting allows you to meet them personally.


The Kairos Europe Summit is a yearly invite-only event that brings together 200 of the brightest entrepreneurs and industry leaders to tackle Europe’s most pressing challenges.

Since 2018, Think Tank United helped organise their think tank sessions by sharing best-practices, supplying & training facilitators, and leading sessions.

Some pictures of our lastest Kairos event

About us

A curated community of leaders, innovators, and influencers that positively impact the world